Pamper Soft Bamboo Swaddle Pack of 2

Pamper Soft Bamboo Swaddle Pack of 2
Pamper Soft Bamboo Swaddle Pack of 2
Pamper Soft Bamboo Swaddle Pack of 2
Pamper Soft Bamboo Swaddle Pack of 2
Pamper Soft Bamboo Swaddle Pack of 2
Pamper Soft Bamboo Swaddle Pack of 2

Pamper Soft Bamboo Swaddle Pack of 2

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Rabitat Pamper Soft Swaddle is made from the softest natural fibers known to man. The swaddle is breathable and versatile, making it the most luxurious fabric to use on your baby's delicate skin. A newborn baby has the most delicate skin, and only the softest material should be used to wrap them. Our swaddle made from Bamboo Viscose is the softest and most comfortable for your newborn. The swaddle is made from anti bacterial and chemical free fabric, keeping in mind your baby's skin. The swaddle will help keep them cosy and will help them sleep longer, giving you the extra minutes of sleep that you

The key to longer, peacful sleep...
for all!

The softest
swaddle ever ❤️

Well sized, this comes in handy as a blanket too.

I ended up
buying all their cute prints.

What makes this swaddle the most premium swaddle you can get?

Luxurious melt in hand bamboo fabric, which mimics the mother's embrace, providing soothing comfort.

made with

Bamboo fabric is weightless and soft it regulates baby's body temperature. Minimal and effortless all-season, all-day wrap.

Generous size provides versatility

47"x47" inches




for tummy

Multi-use: This swaddle can also be used as a play mat, a changing mat, a burp cloth, a baby towel, a nursing cover, a picnic blanket. Get all in just one purchase.

Picture perfect prints


no prob llama

city lights

fox and friends

space rocket

Practical and good-looking these fun prints will get you Instagramable photos : Available in five unisex patterns.


our pamper soft swaddles are made with bamboo fibres, which are the softest naturally occurring fibres known; bamboo offers the softness like mother's womb so the baby feels safe and snuggly in them. The fabric used is antibacterial, keeping away any bacteria that can be harmful to our baby, and is also chemical-free.

It lasts longer than regular swaddles. Due to higher integral standards while manufacturing and the lack of chemicals.

It comes in five attractive designs.

The dimensions are 47" X 47".

All our products come with the washing instructions. However, gentle wash is advisable for this product.

We seldom run discounts because our products are of great value for the quality we offer.

Proof is in the testimonials

There are thousands
Mom of two girls🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️

We really love this swaddle it's super soft and so breathable.. This was the first item we bought for her and we feel happy for that 😍😊

Priyanka T Anand

This swaddle turned out to be bigger than many other swaddls I bought, I use it in multiple ways due to the size I use it to cover my baby when she naps. The fabric is super soft its much nicer than any other swaddle I have used. I love it!

Life enthusiast 🎉🎊🍷

My baby sleeps well in this swaddle. Its our favouriate.Its so soft and i adore the cute prints i bought nearly all the prints available.

Army Brat Cake decorator 🎂

This swaddle is really soft, I have a few some gifted by friends and family and some I bought myself but nothing is as soft as this, I love the llama print. Both me and my baby absolutely love this swaddle.