What are the benefits of feeding pillow and how to use it ?

What are the benefits of feeding pillow and how to use it ?

 Rinda Angom

We all desire and look for comfort and ease while buying most of the products be it clothing, sofa, bed or pillow, etc. And when it comes to your little one, you want to provide all the comfort and safety. A Nursing Pillow is one such product that you can consider buying. 


You will find a lot of blogs saying that a baby-breastfeeding pillow is not essential and it’s just commercial hype. But only a mom can give us an honest answer to this. So I reached out to a few doting mothers and asked the same question. The answer is Yes and they replied without even slight hesitation. The reasons are mainly for ergonomic positioning or convenience while feeding and for the support to hold the weight of their babies otherwise it’s too exhausting on their arms. But again it can be a subjective experience as some babies may not like the Nursing Pillow or even the parents may prefer not to use one.


Most of the commercial Feeding Pillows come in U-shaped or crescent-shaped that wraps around the breastfeeding mother’s waist. Using a Nursing Pillow is no rocket science and can be used the way most comfortable for you. However, we are more than happy to assist you in case it’s the first time you are using one.

  1. Place the feeding pillow around the waist or on your lap after you are seated comfortably. Make sure you have good back support so that you don’t get a backache which may take a toll in the future.
  2. Hold your baby gently in the position where his tummy faces towards your body. Your arm holding the baby’s head should be resting on the pillow to help you support the baby’s weight.
  3. Position your baby in an inclined position with his head slightly tilted upward adjusting the feeding pillow accordingly. Improper positioning may lead to gastric reflux or difficulty in swallowing
  4. nursing pillow is not just limited to feeding time but can be used as back or tummy support during pregnancy.
  5. It can be also used in different ways as the baby grows up, be it tummy-time or supporting when he sits.


  1. By now, you must have gotten some ideas on how you can benefit from using a nursing pillow. To make you more informed, let’s discuss a little more about the benefits.
  2. Helps you support your back and tummy during your pregnancy and makes it less painful.
  3. For your newborn to get a good latch maintaining the ideal height for the ergonomic position and avoid acid reflux.
  4. The breastfeeding pillow can be used by anyone especially when the baby is bottle-fed as the mommy can take some time off.
  5. Less pressure on your arm and muscle tension by supporting the baby’s weight. 
  6. Even in the case of a C-section, it helps to prevent less pressure on the stitches while feeding and helps in healing faster.
  7. Using a nursing pillow during tummy-time helps to strengthen your baby’s neck muscle and at the same time ease him. 
  8. Supports the baby while sitting preventing him from falling.


There may not necessarily be side-effects of using a Nursing Pillow however there may be some if not used correctly or when failed to buy the right one. An ill-fitted Nursing pillow may add discomfort to the baby and also soreness to the mother’s arm. There could be interference with a good latch if the Feeding Pillow is not placed properly. There could be difficulties while breastfeeding when you don’t have the Nursing Pillow with you as both the baby and you are accustomed to using it. Also when you leave your baby with the feeding pillow unattended, it may press the baby’s face and can be in a bad, dangerous position.


It can be difficult to choose the best feeding pillow if you are buying one for the first time. The wide market for the same product may confuse you as all brands claim to be the best. Your desired product may also not be readily available at the offline-stores. In this case, you may consider a few tips for buying the best feeding pillow online. 

  1. Choosing a good-fitted Nursing Pillow is the first step to consider. You can look for a U or crescent-shaped nursing pillow as it is more likely adjustable in fitting your torso well. Make sure it’s not too bulky or too flat for a good latch. 
  2. The fabric or material of the nursing pillow should be baby-friendly preferably cotton as it is less likely to give allergy or rashes to the baby.
  3. The Nursing Pillow should be washable as the baby often tends to spit and throw up. Also using a clean feeding pillow is a hygienic practice.
  4. You should also consider its versatility for multiple usages and should be a long-term investment so that your baby adapts to it as he grows up.
  5. Basics are boring so try some colourful and fun printed Nursing Pillows. 

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