The Story

It’s rather ironic that Rabitat, our baby product brand, is itself a baby! Our little one was born in May 2019 to its parent group Merlin brands, founded in 2016.

With Merlinbrands, we ventured into reselling renowned international baby product/parenting brands pan India, thanks to our vast network of distributors. Of course, when it comes to quality (and hush, class), most of us prefer world-brands over the local ones, especially when they’re parents pampering newborns.

Everything was hunky-dory… and then, we realized that the products weren’t always up to the mark despite costing a bomb. As per the feedback from our customers, the products always missed something. Working on the feedback and taking lessons from the mistakes of the ‘Gods’ in the market, we gavebirth to Rabitat. We have put in a lot of work and effort in making our products. So, we have full confidence in them that if you find it hard to love any product, you can return and get a full refund!


Birth of Merlinbrands (2016- Early 2019)

In 2016, Merlinbrands (then Merlin First & Co) was founded and started reselling Global baby brands. Early 2019, we put together all the learning & customers’ feedback and started imagining a brand that cares about the ‘’Little things that matter”

Rabitat was launched with few products with lots of hope with the aim to provide a great experience for parenting. We were overwhelmed to get immense love and response for our products from the customers. We knew we were on the right track and continued launching more products in the following months.

Usher in Rabitat (May- 2019)

Placing on Giant Platforms (June 2019 - Dec 2019)

Starting from June’19 to Oct.’19, we launched the iconic Amazonia Hooded Towel, Snooze Baby Lounger, Snap Lock Sipper, Pamper Bamboo Swaddle and Breezy Nursing Pillow every month respectively. We also partnered with giant platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, First Cry, Mother Care, Myntra etc

Great start of the New Year with the launch of our Smash collections that includes school bags, lunch bags, food jar and sippers. We successfully managed to expand pan India including North-East India like Mizoram, Nagaland etc. and internationally in New Zealand, Dubai and Australia.

Expanding More (Jan 2020-July 2020)

Surviving Challenges (Aug 2020-Dec 2020)

We added more partnerships with platforms like LMNOP, Miniroo, The Mum Shop, Artofa etc. We even survived the pandemic with successful sales and the best selling products includes Snap Lock Sipper, Clean Lock Steel Sipper, Meal Mate Jar and Steel Tumbler

Another year with remarkable milestones featuring our brand as well as products listed in many media houses like TOI, Indian Express, NDTV Swirlster, YourStory and more. We received more raving reviews from our customers. Despite the 2nd wave pandemic, we continue doing what we do. Revamped Rabitat website recently in May to provide customers with even better service.

Always Unstoppable (Jan 2021-May 2021)

The Philosophy

Little Things Matter at all times. Little things could be features or tiny live-beings that aren’t visible but make significant differences with their presence or absence. A flaw can make your sweet pie sad, and you go bananas! We got our eyes set on preventing these 'little' bad guys from troubling you.

The Ambition

We intend to provide more than what you pay for and make your parenting life easier and better. Rabitat products are designed intelligently to cater comfort, warmth, and fun to your munchkins so that they enjoy every moment of growing up. And as for the parents, we aim to give the best parenting experience with our products.

The Tribe

We are a team of empathetic, dedicated, creative, and hardworking professionals who love children and have an eye for their needs that results in focussing on #LittleThings That Matter. While creating a product, our tribe looks from a parent’s perspective, put in lots of love and care as your little ones deserve.

Little Us With Big Hopes

Sumit Suneja
Sometimes comes to work

The guy who claims to be the best at everything and wants everyone to agree with him. But the buck stops at him. Oops!

Siddharth Suneja
The tortoise, slow and steady

This guy gets all his exercise on mobile games. Our sales head meets more friends than sales targets.

Archana Rani
First in last out

Light as a feather heavy on work. It's amazing how our operations backbone still looks the same.

Payal Suneja
Mostly in office disappears during exam season

The Lady responsible for production, her smile is as warm as her fav cuppa tea!

Gaurav Gupta
Forever stuck at work

Our design team dashboard is famous as the yes-man. This guy has the capability to confuse the most sorted of the lot.

Pankaj Sogra
First in first out

The early bird with a new found fitness passion. This guy is a calorie counting ‘Designer high-brow’.