What are Your Zodiac Sign Personality Traits As A Parent?

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What are Your Zodiac Sign Personality Traits As A Parent?

Contributed by: Resham Kamboj. She’s a certified tarot reader and has dedicated her life in helping people find their positive energy and guide them in the journey of life. Earlier a fashion student but she found her true calling in this field of spirituality and healing. She’s also a mother to a 19 Months old Baby Girl. Instagram @tarottreeoflife


Ever wonder how you are as a parent? Well, every parent is caring and protective of their kids however dealing with the kids would defer from parents to parents. It is most likely your zodiac sign is playing some role in making the difference. Let’s take a look at what our Tarot and Zodiac sign expert Resham has got for you. Welcome to the parenting world featuring zodiac signs.

Aries Parents, Passionate Parents

(March 21- April 20)

Aries parents have got pro-parenting skills and they take it as a job seriously. They are super passionate about caring for their child yet very humble and gentle with them at the same time. They want their kids to achieve everything but will never pressurise them. However, sometimes as they overcare or overcheck on their kids, it might irritate the kids and will show tantrums in return.

Parenting tips: Try to befriend your kids and don’t focus on perfection but on happiness, in short, just take it easy.

Aries celebrity parents: Victoria Beckham, Lara Dutta, Ajay Devgan,

Taurus Parents, Friendly Parents

(April 21- May 20)

Taurus Parents are extremely affectionate with their kids. They act more like friends and spend time with their kids involving in most of the activities. They are super easygoing and do not panic on small issues and handle them with ease. They hardly scold their kids. They love surprising their kids with presents, small activities and games keeping the joy alive. Kids feel comfortable and tend to share a lot of secrets with them. They also encourage their children to connect with nature and mother earth making them a responsible kid.

Parenting Tips: Be a friend to your kids but also make sure to draw a line to make your kids listen to you when they are told

Taurus celebrity parents: Anushka Sharma, Madhuri Dixit, Dwayne Johnson,

Gemini Parents, Rational Parents

(May 21-June 20)

Super logical parents are Gemini parents. They might just have so much fun with their children and they love to spend time or enjoy with them. Their nature is very positive and their aura is vibrant and joyous. Work is important but for them, nothing comes first before their kids and family. But they too are overly concerned about their kids’ future all the time. Even when the child is just a year old, they will start thinking about their school admission. They love spending time with fellow parents and enjoy group meet up. They often to invite families with their children and give opportunity to know each other with his own family.

Parenting Tips: You’re doing amazing, just develop a little patience and share your load. Start giving small tasks to your kids if they are growing up. If they are still babies don’t hesitate to take help from your family members.

Gemini celebrity parents: Kunal khemu, Shilpa Shetty, Angelina Jolie

Cancer Parents, Sensitive Parents

(June 21-July 22)

Cancer parents are the super-sensitive ones. They will understand their child’s need in a blink of an eye. They are loving, protective, compassionate and parenting to their kids come with a lot of ease and naturally. Cancer mothers are one of the most passionate mothers that they will mother anyone who is in need. They have a strong nurturing force and their centre of life revolves around their kids. They will create a safe and cozy environment for their loved ones. They are the simplest yet the most caring parents.

Tip: Sometimes you can be authoritative over your children and take life too seriously, handle everything with ease and try to be your child’s friend too.

Cancer celebrity parents: Karishma Kapoor

Leo Parents, Proud Parents

(July 21- August 22)

You light the spark in my bonfire heart lyrics are just perfect for Leo parents. They’re just like the symbol of the zodiac sign, lion parents want their children to roar and be ahead of all the other kids in the block. They will always want their kids to outshine the world and when it comes to their kids, the word compromise is not in their dictionary. They take a soft pride in their kids’ growth, sometimes they might also go overboard on their kids’ achievements. They may compromise on many aspects of their life to get their kids’ need without giving a second thought.

Parenting Tip: Don’t be overfueled by the competition, take it slow, relax and take a back seat.

Leo celebrity parents: Jacinda Ardern, Barack Obama, Saif Ali Khan, Genelia D’souza

Virgo Parents, Practical Parents

(August 23-September 22)

Details, details, details, they want their child to focus on small details of life and security. They want the kids to be a good learner who can practice many hobbies and new skills with ease and perfection. They're practical, helpful and stable, so they're able to provide their children with a strong, steady foundation in life, both emotionally as well as economically. They also tend to remember the slightest of the mischief of their kids that’s because of the super memory possessed by Virgos. Their life revolves around how their children can be the epitome of ethics, values and grace. Sometimes their habit of over-cleaning may exhaust themselves as the home looks perfect with kids, said no parent ever.

Parenting Tips: Don’t be so hard on yourself trying to make your kids perfect, focus on making them happier.

Virgo celebrity parents: Akshay kumar, Kareena Kapoor, Mira kapoor, Neha Dhupia, Pink

Libra Parents, Peace-loving Parents

(September 23-October 22)

Talk about the most patient parents of all the horoscopes it’s the Librans. They like everything the calm way, they are super polite and tend to balance work and home so well. They love to have beautiful, luxurious home with everything organised and this exhausts them sometimes. They are uncomfortable with conflicts and tension in the family and good at reconciling their kids, teach them about mutual respect. Kids making a lot of noise puts them off many times but in the end, they always balance.

Parenting Tips: Try to discipline your kids but don’t boss around on them. Establish a healthy relationship.

Libra celebrity parents: Soha Ali Khan, Addite Malik, Serena Williams

Scorpio Parents, Psychic Parents

(October 23- November 22)

Scorpio parents are the craziest parents of all zodiac signs. Our very own Resham says she can vouch on it as she and her husband are both scorpions. The cherry on the cake is their daughter who is a scorpion too and they share the same birthdays. How cool is that? First things first, kids cannot hide anything from scorpion parents, they can read their kids’ mind. They keep an eye on their kids and are very keen on what’s going on in their lives. They are super protective of their kids. They have a close and intense bond with their children making them over-emotional. They are also great at managing their kids and ace at balancing personal and professional life. They are also super fun and keep engaging with their kids in activities. They are good with their intuition when it comes to their kids.

Parenting Tips: Don’t try to enforce your kids with your expectations, take it easy.

Scorpio celebrity parents: Shah Rukh Khan, Sushmita Sen, Aishwarya Rai

Sagittarius Parents, Explorer Parents

(November 23-December 21)

The exploring king and queens are Sagittarius parents. They want to explore for the best choices for their kids and they never stop doing that. They are cheerful and optimistic. Their kids get a lot of opportunities served on the silver plate because of their enthusiasm. At the same time, Sagi parents set rules for kids to have a disciplined schedule. They set morals for themselves and their kids.

Parenting Tips: Try to have more fun with kids, indulge more in playful activities, be open to having more fun.

Sagittarius celebrity parents: Ritesh Deshmukh, Chrissy Teigen, Sameera Reddy

Capricorn Parents, Serious Parents

(December 22- January 19)

They are always super busy as a bee, always working on the snags and to-dos that are never-ending. They are highly ambitious, passionate and dedicated and they never get tired of doing what they do. They want everything to be perfect for their kids that even if they’re tired they will keep working for them. Situations can be critical sometimes as they demand too much from their children.They will never ever imagine a situation where they can say no to their children. They just can’t see their kids frown. But the best part is they never spoil kids with stuffs they don’t require. They strive for a balance.

Parenting Tips: Just like Scorpio parents, don’t enforce your dreams on your kids, let them take the leap of faith.

Capricorn celebrity parents: Michelle Obama, Twinkle Khanna, Farah Khan, Mohit Malik, John Legend

Aquarius Parents, Easy-going Parents

(January 20- February 19)

Aquarius parents are the coolest and most chilled parents, other kids might look up to them and want their parents to be the same.They have a super chill vibe and nomadic nature. They encourage their children’s freedom and independence. They don’t go by the books but create their own new ways of parenting. They might love to holiday a lot both solo and with kids. They’re also a liberal parent and try to understand their kids’ opinion. They can give permissions to their kids’ crazy ideas as well.

Parenting Tips: Try to maintain a routine for your kids. Being spontaneous is good but not on all occasions. Don’t take emotional decisions.

Aquarius Celebrity parents: Abhishek Bachan, Shakira, Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys

Pisces Parents, Over-protective Parents.

(February 20- March 20)

Always a well maintained house for Pisces parents that other people would doubt them having kids at home.They love creating DIYs for their kids, love to hand paint their room and making cute little stuffs for them.They want their kids to look super clean and fresh at all times. They teach their children the importance of dreams, of letting their minds wander and sometimes have a tendency to avoid reality of life.They’re always behind their kids to make things perfect for them, over supporting and caring.Their minds become like a spam caller sometimes which might be overbearing for teenage kids.

Parenting Tips: You tend to overprotect your kids even when they grow up, don’t be overprotective when it’s time to set them free.

Pisces celebrity parents: Adam Levine, Drew Barrymore, Amir Khan, Shahid Kapoor

Message From Resham: Parenting is a restless journey where you try to make yourself and your children better each and everyday of your life.The Parenting Tips shared here are very useful, do give it a try and don’t forget to share this article with your fellow parents.

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