Gift Ideas To Make Your Munchkin’s Christmas A Fun One

Gift Ideas To Make Your Munchkin’s Christmas A Fun One

Rinda Angom

Secret Santa is a popular Christmas tradition. As Christmas is around the corner, this would be the best time to gather your “Secret Santa” presents for your loved ones. The point of “Secret Santa” is to make Christmas gifting fun and exciting with a dose of surprise. The gifts don’t have to be expensive and enormous but should be more on the fun & creative side. There are some rules to the game which I’m guessing you already know. Members of the family draw random names to become someone’s Secret Santa. The Secret Santa has to get a gift for the receiver, it can be a funny one, an emotional one or something useful. After opening their present, the giftee has to guess which member of the group was their Secret Santa. You can play this game with your little munchkins and they will surely love it. Here are some secret Santa gifts that would make your child’s Christmas memorable: 

Origami Kit: Not many of today’s kids would have even heard of Origami but most kids might have already made their first paper plane or a paper boat. There’s so much more you can do with paper sheets like make cranes, a jumping frog, elephant, fish, flowers etc. Hmm... it’s already making me want to get my hands on it again and cherish my childhood days. Trust me it’s fun and your kids are going to love it. And the best part is you can also decorate your Christmas tree with origami crafts your kids have created.

Skateboard: If your kid loves adventure, get him/her a fun ride. Skateboard can be a cool option for gifting your kid. But make sure you also get her/him along with proper safety and protection gears.

School Tool Set: No more boring school bags or bottles for your kids, get Smash collection school tools combo set from Rabitat. It has a range of whimsical and fun characters where you can choose for your kid and make schooling more exciting. The collection has school bags, insulated lunch bags, food jars, drinkware etc.


3D Story Books: It’s important to instil reading habits in your kids but how do you make it interesting? Simply get some 3-dimensional story books. It actually makes the story come alive with the characters in 3D form and make reading more fun for your kids.

Bowling Set: Bowling is a fun game but your kids are still too young to go out for the actual bowling alley. Get home a bowling set for your little one, you can even have a fun family game together. Your kids may even have a better aim than you do.

Painting Kit: If your kid loves to draw and sketch a lot, surprise him/her with a painting kit. Get the ones that come with an easel, apron, palette, canvas and colours of course. If not, you can still collect them separately and make a set. Let’s get your artistic kid upgraded to a professional level.

Keyboard Piano: Music has been a part of our lives ever since we were born, we’ve grown up listening to our mum’s lullaby and later made us sing rhymes at school. We were also curious about all the musical instruments and want to get our hands on some of them, well, I still do. I am sure your kids will also love to get a musical instrument as a gift. Get your kid a keyboard piano and let him/her create some melodies.

Hope these fun gifts will cheer your little ones, this Christmas!