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    Not all babies need teethers although they help ease the pain of the tooth eruption. Baby teethers help soothe babies' swollen gums when they start teething. Chewing on a teether can provide some comfort to the baby, but there are many other reasons that babies like to put teether toys in their mouth to chew on.

    Teether toys for baby should be introduced when they start getting their teeth. Most babies get their first tooth between 4 and 7 months.

    First, soak in a bowl of hot water and mild liquid dish detergent for a few minutes. Then, mix together distilled white vinegar and warm water in another tub or bowl and soak the teething toys for 15 minutes before rinsing clean with cool water.

    Veggie teether for baby is made with food-grade silicone. It’s non-toxic & BPA-free.

    Baby pacifiers/nibblers do soothe baby’s gum when they are teething. Chilling a pacifier will make it even more soothing and may lightly numb the gums to dull the pain.

    Mesh-nibblers are for a 2-in-1 purpose, it is used both as a fruit holder and teething toy that massages baby's gums, simulating mouth muscle development.

    The Nibbler is a great way to introduce soft solids when your child is ready.

    The minimum age for any solid food is 17 weeks, and no baby should be getting food before this age. Most of the advice is now to wait until 6 months before you introduce solids.

    Soft-tipped spoons designed specifically for babies are recommended because they are gentle on your child's gums and limit portions to tiny spoonfuls perfect for wee ones. Also, since the utensils are tiny, they fit just right into your baby's mouth. Silicone spoons for babies are most preferable as they are softer.

    Babies can start to use a spoon by themselves at around 10 to 12 months old.

    Silicone rubber does not react with food or beverages or produce any hazardous fumes. It is malleable, soft and shatterproof and the FDA has approved it as a food-safe substance. So, silicone spoons are safe for babies.