100% Organic Cotton Used for Crib Sheets and Swaddles
Synthetic fabric isn't only bad for our babies but also for us adults. The chemicals used in synthetic fabric can, and does, get into our organs and have the potential to cause deadly diseases, including cancer. Synthetic fabric is as harmful for the environment as it is for our body: it's best to use 100% organic cotton for all purposes, which keeps us cool even in hot, sunny days as it doesn't capture heat.
Rabitat uses GOTS certified 100% organic cotton for crib sheets to ensure that no chemicals, such as pesticides or fertilizers, even touch the air around the body of our beautiful baby. Organic cotton lets the baby's skin breathe. Plus, organic cotton comes from happy farmers, which means Rabitat babies receive love and happiness in every form.
Also, Rabitat swaddles are made with bamboo fibres, which are the softest naturally occurring fibres known bamboo offers the softness to mimic the softness of the mother's womb so the baby doesn't feel uncomfortable at all. The fabric used is antibacterial, keeping away any bacteria that can be harmful to our baby, and is also chemical-free.