Tips & Tricks to Break The Ice

Tips & Tricks to Break The Ice

 Rinda Angom

Here are some tips for getting involved with your baby.

You might feel overwhelmed at first, but brand-new dads come fully equipped for fatherhood. Fathers are just as good as mothers at recognising and responding to the needs of their newborns. Here are some tips for getting involved with your baby.

Try to help with everything

Nappy changing, bathing, burping, feeding -these are all great ways to bond with your baby. Parenting skills are partly a matter of practice – you get better and more confident the more hands-on experience you get.

Display your affection

When you show your baby affection and respond to your baby’s cues a natural hormone called oxytocin is released in your baby’s brain. This hormone makes your baby feel good. It also builds connections between nerve cells, stimulating brain development.

Keep at it daddy!

Resist the urge to hand your baby back to mommy when things get demanding. One-on-one time will build your confidence and skills.

Lets spend some quality one on one time

Try and spend some alone time with your baby, this is a really important part of developing a strong and lasting bond. It’s also great for the new mum, who’ll get a much-needed break.

Walk The Talk

While you’re caring for your baby, try talking to your little one about what you’re doing. For example, ‘Let’s get dressed now – on goes your top’. these small gestures help your newborn feel content and protected.Talk is like brain food for babies. It helps them build language and communication skills from the time they’re born. Babies don’t have to understand words to benefit from talking. Time spent with the baby in the early weeks and months should provide a positive foundation for the developing relationship as the child grows, making fatherhood more rewarding and enjoyable. P.S your efforts with the baby will help strengthen your bond with your partner.

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