I am travelling

I am travelling

 Rinda Angom

Carry plenty of snacks and fluids

Be sure to pack nonperishable foods. Keep baby hydrated because airplanes are drying. Don't forget to bring a sippy cup or bottle -- something to suck on to help relieve air pressure, especially during take-off and landing.

Bring lots of extra clothing and diapers

If traveling by plane, dress your baby or toddler in layers that can be taken off if your child gets too hot, or layered back on if your child gets too cold. A cold baby is a crying baby. And remember, whether you are traveling by plane or by car, messes can happen, so always have an extra outfit and diapers close by and easily accessible.

Bring your child's favourite toys

Make sure you bring only soft toys - nothing that has sharp edges or that can hurt him if there is turbulence. Having his favourite toys with him will help him feel secure and comfortable, and keep him happily occupied.


Pack fun times that have to do with the places you are visiting

Bring snacks that are special to your final destination. Tell him stories about the places you are going. Pack a portable DVD or load up your iPad with apps or games. Also, include games and storybooks about the countries or states you will be visiting. Thus, a family trip can become both a fun and memorable journey, as well as a teachable moment.

Consider scheduling trips around your child's sleep time

Your child can get into his jammies as soon as he gets onboard a plane or into a car, and, fingers crossed, go right to sleep.

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