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How Can I Help
My Colicky
Baby Sleep?

Does your newborn baby start crying incessantly to go on for hours? If you didn’t already know, they could be colicky. Colic is a major cause of concern for many new parents, especially the first timers. It makes it hard for the parents to put them on a defined sleep schedule. Yes! Newborn sleep schedule makes it incredibly easier for the parents to have one of their own too, download it here!

In addition to causing discomfort to the baby, colic tends to deeply affect the mother. Doesn’t it? You feel like you haven’t yet connected with them, or that you aren’t good enough. It happens... don’t worry. Don’t blame yourself; you’re definitely not the reason.

Colic typically bids a goodbye by the time the baby is 3-4 months old. But does that mean you and your newborn will keep losing sleep till then? Well, no. Colicky babies indeed have troubles sleeping, but they can be put to a smiley-rest.

Tips to Help Your Colicky Baby Sleep

1. First things first, calm yourself down. Your colicky baby may give you anxiety, which can hamper your ability to soothe your child.

2. Swaddle. Many parents have found swaddling helpful. Cozily wrap your sweetpea in a comfy swaddle while humming or singing to them. Swaddling gives the newborn a feeling of being inside their mother’s womb - what could be more comfortable! An important note here would be to ensure that the swaddles you use are super comfy, cozy, and made of natural fibres so it doesn’t irritate your newborn.

3. Motion can distract them from crying. You may take your baby in a stroller, or in your arms, and take them for a ride by foot or in a car whenever they get colicky.

4. A toy or an object that makes cool sounds can also calm your baby down, and eventually put them to sleep. Please don’t resort to using a phone though!

5. Often, colic could simply be due to gas. In such a case, you can give your little one a soothing massage to calm. Maybe, try to move their legs slowly toward their stomach to help them release the gas.

6. Typically, colic develops a pattern. As soon as you notice it, you can start your mission even before the crying starts. Pick ‘em up and snuggle and cuddle… it might totally reduce the struggle!

7. You could also try a warm water bottle to pacify your crying baby. Some infants like the feeling and relax by the mild touch of the bottle.

8. More often than not, babies love their parents singing lullabies to them! If you don’t consider yourself a good singer, you might want to get some lullabies online. Here’s a free lullaby that can help you put your baby to sleep.

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If you’ve tried everything and you see no change in the fussiness of your newborn, it’s better to check with your pediatrician. Colic could as well be because of an underlying cause, which only the doctor can determine.

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