5 Cool DIY Halloween Costumes For Kids

5 Cool DIY Halloween Costumes For Kids

 Rinda Angom

Halloween is right around the corner and it’s super exciting for kids to dress up in costumes. They love to dress up as animals, as superheroes and as even as their favourite food. Buying a costume may be a lot easier and quicker when you are running out of time. But getting crafty by making it along with your li’l one will be so much fun and pocket-friendly as well. And to help you out, we got you 5 DIY Halloween costumes for kids.


Materials: Cardboard box, thermocol or disposable circular bowl containers, glue and spray paints.

How to make: Find a cardboard box that would fit the upper body part of your kid. Cut out the armhole and neck hole the size your kid can fit through. Leave the lower part hollow. Now you can either stick the circular bowl containers or thermocol cut into circles on the front and backside of the body. Spray paint with the colour of your choice, your lego costume is ready.

Jelly Fish

Materials: An umbrella (preferably transparent or white), white ribbons or sheer silver or white cloth, glow lights that glow in the dark, glue.

How to make: Cut the ribbon or the cloth material into strips, long enough till knee length. Now open the umbrella and stick these strips all around the rims of the umbrella. You can add glow lights too and now glow like a jellyfish. Your kids will definitely love it.


Materials: Two colours diagonal striped top, knee-length shorts or pants, a bandana, black cloth, eyeliner, sewing needle and thread.

How to make: The only thing you need to make is a black eye patch. Cut out in the shape of an eye patch from the black cloth, sew straps at the sides of the patch long enough to tie around the head. Let your kid wear the striped top, the shorts, tie the eye patch and the bandana around the head. Draw beard with the help of the eyeliner and your little pirate is ready.


Materials: Cardboard, paints, elastic band, glue.

How to make: Paint the perfect wing on the cardboard and cut out the shape. Mark the area on the wings in alignment with your kid’s shoulder. Cut the elastic band and stick both ends so as to form a circle. Do it on both sides of the wings just like the strap of a carry bag. Now dress up your child in her favourite frock with the fairy wing and you will adore your little fairy.


Materials: Cardboard, plain coloured wrapping paper, microfibre fillers, white cloth, colourful paper strips or paints, glue

How to Make: Cut the cardboard in a rectangular shape where the height is equivalent to your kid’s waist till above the knee. Roll it in a circular and stick both ends so as to form a tube. Cut the cloth into two straps and stick the ends on the circular cardboard just like a shopping bag with two straps. The length should be such that when it dangles from your kid’s shoulder worn criss-cross, the circular cardboard should remain around the waist as mentioned above. Now fold the coloured paper in the accordion texture to look like a cupcake and stick it around the cardboard tube. Now make a long tube of the white cloth by sewing or sticking it with glue and fill it with the micro-fillers. To create a frosting texture, make a swirl with the micro fill by winding from the waist to the chest and stick it with glue. Stick some colourful paper strips or just paint it to look like sprinkles.

We hope you will have fun creating these costumes with your kids and enjoy Halloween.

Have a great Halloween!