A Letter To My Baby On My First Mother’s Day

A Letter To My Baby On My First Mother’s Day

 Rinda Angom

My sweet child,

As I write this first letter for you, my heart leaps with joy and endless love that you, my little one made me become a mother today. The moment I held you in my arms for the first time, I knew all the pain and struggle of nine months was just worth it. My happy tears won’t stop rolling down as your breathing synchronized with my heartbeat. I promised myself that very moment, I will love you unconditionally and protect you till my last breath.

Today, you are a month and a few days young and you are growing so fast and already outgrowing your clothes. I just can’t wait to see you crawl, or take those first steps and we will get there too, won’t we? Before that, mommy is going to have some sleepless nights but that’s alright. Your chubby cheeks, those glistening eyes, the cute yawn, heartwarming cuddle are worth every sacrifice.

Amidst all this happiness, I’m nervous and unsure of what the future holds in this pandemic. Will you get to grow up in a normal environment the way I grew up, will you get to play with your friends in the park the way I did, will life be back to normal as you grow? My heart aches to see the world is not the same anymore. Nevertheless, I still have you and will make sure you grow up to be just perfect given any situation. No matter what, just know that I love you to the moon and beyond. And as I celebrate my 1st mother’s day, I have some wishes for you, my little one.

  • I hope you grow up to be a wise, kind and humble person.
  • I hope you inherit your grandpa’s strong will and grandma’s warm smile.
  • I hope you inherit your daddy’s bravery, sense of humour and caring nature.
  • I hope you are a foodie like me so that we can be partners.
  • I hope you learn to love the earth and respect the environment.
  • I hope you appreciate wide open fields even when you live in the city.
  • I hope you have endless happy moments with us.
  • I hope you know how much we all love you.
  • I hope you say mama before you say, daddy :)
  • I hope the best for you today, tomorrow & forever...

Always there for you,