The Ultimate Bucket List Of Family Activities At Home

The Ultimate Bucket List Of Family Activities At Home

 Rinda Angom

For most of us, the idea of a bucket list consists of crazy activities like skydiving, scuba diving, travelling to favourite places, etc. but we all know that these have to wait for now. Instead, why not make a list that helps you and your family deal with the quarantine in a fun way and create some wonderful memories. Looking at the bright side, this will not only keep your kids entertained or engaged but also help instil much-needed positivity. 

Play Board Games: Board games are not just fun to play but they will also give your kids some brain exercises. Scrabble may help them improve their vocabulary or chess and monopoly may help to foresee and plan in advance.

  • Carom
  • Chess
  • Scrabble
  • Monopoly
  • Put a big puzzle together

Fun With Foods: We all love food and your kids can take some cooking lessons from you. It is also an important skill for survival and is also a great way to build family memories. Just choose the food you are going to prepare an interesting one so that your kids will get more involved. By the end of the quarantine, your kids may even decide to compete in Masterchef Contest, you never know.

  • Pizza making night
  • Bake and decorate a cake
  • Bake cookies
  • Make your own smoothies

Arts & Crafts Activities: Bring out your child’s creativity by making them paint their imagination or anything they want. Kids love arts and crafts, experimenting with different colours and techniques like painting with brushes, sponges or sometimes with fingers. Even making cutouts from cardboard to build a dollhouse would be fun too.

  • Make a cardboard dollhouse
  • Tie-dye shirts
  • Painting
  • Make some slime

Explore Talents & Perform: Today’s kids are already born talented and they learn things very quickly. They learn a lot of things by watching tv or youtube. You can have a fun time together singing, dancing and performing. You may find some hidden talents in your kids too.

  • Karaoke night
  • Dance party
  • Write and perform a short play
  • Have a fun fashion show
  • Family Charades

Outdoor Activities: It is also important to keep your kids involved with outdoor activities in order to keep them fit or learn something extra. It will also make their mind feel a sense of less cooped up at home inside. It’s will be great if you have a nice backyard of your own. If not then you can manage on your balcony or terrace.

  • Play Badminton
  • Play Cricket
  • Camp in your backyard overnight
  • Gardening
  • Car wash

Just Chill: A movie night will be a no-brainer and simply chill activity. Just make some popcorn and watch a good family movie together.

  • Movie night with popcorn

Enjoy doing all these fun activities and have a fun family time together!