Children's Day celebration 2022
5 Great Surprises For Children's Day

5 Great Surprises For Children's Day

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Terrible Twos - Is your baby turning 2? Here's what to expect
The terrible twos don't have to be so terrible If done right! Around the age of two, your toddler will be talking, walking, climbing, hopping, running, and full of energy. A growing number of words are being added to your child's vocabulary on a regular basis. According to research,authoritative parenting...
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A Note From A Mother On Her Baby’s First Day of School
In the life of a new parent, every milestone is daunting. We are eager, enthusiastic and extremely invested in every new chapter of our little one’s life. The first smile, the first time they roll over and that first tooth, each of these events is a cause for joy. The...
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How to take care of newborns in cold weather & from changing weather
While it’s a challenge to keep your baby cosy and warm during cold weather, your baby can be quite sensitive to changing weather or weather transitions too. Newborn babies cannot regulate their body temperature which makes them vulnerable to cold, cough and flu. It is also important to keep your...
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Maternity Hospital Bag Must-Haves
If you are searching for a hospital bag checklist and found this article, then you definitely are going to have your baby for the first time. You are excited and scared at the same time to bring the little being into this world but of course, you want the delivery...
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Get to know about twin infection- FLURONA
The Covid variant, Omicron infection continue to surge globally as it is super contagious. Adding to the battle is the development of dual infections such as Flurona or Delmicron while the latter’s existence has not been confirmed by the Indian Council of Medical Research (IMCR). What is Flurona? It’s a...
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Are Children More Susceptible to Omicron?
Omicron, the new variant of Covid-19 has been labelled as the variant of concern by WHO. It was first identified in South Africa Although this new variant is believed to be less severe than the Delta variant from studies however it shouldn’t be taken lightly or considered mild. The Omicron...
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How To Deal With Mom Guilt/Parent Guilt
As a working parent, you got to manage both your work and family life. While you are working you kinda feel missing out watching over your kids and sometimes you feel you haven’t done much for yourself when you are with your kids. No matter what, you are always going...
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How To Stay Safe From Zika Virus
Zika virus was first discovered in 1947 in the Zika forest of Uganda, hence named after it. It is primarily spread through the bite of the infected Aedes mosquitoes which is also responsible for causing dengue and chikungunya. Common symptoms of Zika are fever, headache, rashes, conjunctivitis, muscle and joint pain....
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DOs & DON'Ts Of Going Back To School
Delhi government announced the reopening of schools from November 1. We can say that it’s a sigh of relief for everyone, especially for the parents. It’s been almost 2 years since the schools were closed and got parents occupied keeping a check on their kids taking online classes at home....
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How Prepared Is India For Children’s Covid Vaccination
The government is paying attention to the immunization of children and working on the process of rolling out. Even if it is approved for vaccinating children, the main question remains how safe vaccination is going to be. Nonetheless, governments and healthcare departments are making efforts to roll out with safety...
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