Freedom from Mom-Guilt

Freedom from Mom-Guilt

 Author for Rabitat

If you are a mom, there is a 100% chance that you have experienced a case of mom guilt. According to Karen Kleiman, mom guilt is so common that it is often perceived as a natural part of mothering. Whether it is rooted in the time you are not spending with your child because of work or the educational activities you haven’t introduced them to or the extraordinarily healthy food you are not giving them, it is easy today to get caught up in the idea that you are not doing a great job at being a mom. For many moms, especially single-moms or new working moms, numerous factors can contribute to this phenomenon, including personal insecurities and external pressures from social media, friends, and family, just to name a few. Like all parenting issues, it is crucial to note that every mother’s experience is unique and that her guilt will take its own form. Here are a few helpful tips on how to overcome mom guilt.

1. Stay away from negative energy.

A lot of times, mom guilt originates from the people around us. It could be relative reminding you of your latest parenting failure or a friend criticizing your parenting technique. Spring cleaning your trusted circle and surrounding yourself with people who appreciate your values can help reduce unsolicited input and, in general, mom guilt.

2. Share your responsibilities.

Mothering is no easy task, especially for a new mom. Find someone to pitch in the chores in order to avoid feeling overwhelmed. You can ask your partner or find a network of other moms who are on their own if you a single mom yourself.

3. Listen to your intuition and children.

A mother’s intuition is a powerful gift that should never be ignored. More than anyone, you, as a mother, know what is best for your child. Therefore, listen to your instincts whenever you are conflicted about your child’s needs. In addition, children give the best feedback, so listen to them. Listening to your child can tell you to know which of your decisions are working and which ones are not.

4. Take care of yourself first.

You need to love yourself and look out for your needs first before you can adequately take care of your child. So, get a pedicure or watch a movie with the girls. Always give yourself a little air once in a while.