How to Get Kids to be More Physically Active and Healthy during this Pandemic?

How to Get Kids to be More Physically Active and Healthy during this Pandemic?

 Radhika Dadhich

COVID-19 had made it challenging for parents to balance work and children. People are having a hard time accepting the new normal. Earlier, experts had recommended the limited use of mobiles and gadgets for children. They encouraged parents to limit their kid’s screen time to 2-3 hours a day and get them to perform more physical activities. Gone are the days when socializing with peers and hanging out with other kids was normal.

Nowadays, these group activities are highly discouraged. Children have gotten a new excuse to stay glued to their smartphones all the time. Now that online education is conducted on digital platforms, children end up spending hours on mobiles. So, how do you keep your kids active during these tough times? What exercises should your kids practice to stay fit?

Easy Tips for Keeping Your Kids Active and Healthy

There is no denying that COVID-19 has brought many challenges when it comes to children’s education and overall well-being. In addition to physical activities, parents are supposed to serve healthy and nutritious meals to their kids. You need to pay attention to what they eat, how they spend their day, what physical activities they perform, who they hang out with, and how they complete their school assignments, and what hygienic practices they follow.

Children below 7 years need special care. Since their immunity system is not as strong as adults, they shouldn’t be allowed to go out (let alone socializing with their friends). In this post, we are going to walk you through some essential tips for keeping your kids healthy, happy, and active during the global pandemic. Let’s take a look:

Learn New Activities

Team sports are strictly discouraged at least until the situation gets under control. Since kids are at high risk of getting infected, the government has shut down all the schools and colleges. The virus spreads from the droplets we inhale. Besides that, it can infect hundreds of thousands of people through contaminated surfaces. Children do not follow precautions. You never know if your child is going to wash hands after participating in the group activities.

Just because you can’t let the little ones hang out with their peers, doesn’t mean they are not allowed to learn new sports and fun activities. Families can organize group games in their gardens, backyards, and patios. You could teach your kid some exciting and fun individual activities like swimming or skateboarding. Basketball, badminton, cricket, baseball, tennis, volleyball, and hockey are some of the best sports for your kid’s health. Families can play with their kids in the garden (if you have adequate outdoor space). Even simple activities like taking a stroll in your garden or the neighborhood will keep your children active and fit. Anything that keeps them from smartphones, TVs, and gadgets will do.

Maintain Personal Hygiene

Remember that we are still in the middle of a global pandemic that has affected the lives of millions of people across the globe. There is a good reason why experts, physicians, and the government is putting stress on personal hygiene. The only way to survive this pandemic and come out stronger is by practicing hygiene measures. We all know what personal hygiene includes.

Teach your kids the importance of washing hands for 30 seconds, wearing masks when stepping out of home, and keeping their hands from the face. Most importantly, make sure they maintain distance from people in public places. Kids need to be careful about the surfaces and products they touch, especially when you take them to a store, park, and other public places. Avoid group activities and social gatherings. You must invest in special hygiene accessories, such as kids’ masks, water bottles, kids hooded towel, a small sanitizer bottle, and more.

Play Indoor Games

In today’s digital age, it isn’t hard to find singing and dancing classes online. All you need is YouTube to find some exciting dance tutorials. You could also use fitness and exercise apps to teach your child basic physical exercises. There are many things you can teach your kids at home. Fortunately, you don’t need to hire a professional for that.

Whether they are interested in musical instruments or arts & crafts, video tutorials are available for nearly all types of indoor activities on YouTube. You can also play some indoor games, such as hide-and-seek, chess, pool game, and other indoor games with kids. The household chores also count as physical indoor activities. Simple chores like folding clothes, doing laundry and dishes, making the bed, cleaning and de-cluttering their rooms, and organizing their cupboards can keep your kids physically active. They will also learn about new household activities.

Prepare a Healthy and Balanced Diet Plan

The food you serve at meals matter as much as the physical exercises and activities. For starters, make sure your children drink plenty of water and eat healthy snacks. You could breastfeed the child or buy a fresh and high-quality kids sipper bottle for infants.

Serve nuts and fruits for snacks. Don’t store soft drinks, chips, oily food, and sweet snacks in your refrigerator. While it sounds quite tempting, these foods are not good for their health. The high amount of salt, sugar, and chemicals found in the packed foods can damage your child’s health. It also has a lasting effect on their teeth. Remove the junk packed foods from the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets and replace them with fruits and healthy snacks. Make sure you serve the meals in clean and fresh dishes. Carry kids’ stainless steel bottle every time you take your kids out.

Bottle Line

Basic hygiene practices and healthy food is all it takes for your kids to stay safe. The outdoor and indoor games can keep them fit and healthy during these tough times. Use this time to teach new activities to your kids. You must suggest other parents and kids’ to follow the same practices.