Maternity Hospital Bag Must-Haves

Maternity Hospital Bag Must-Haves

Rinda Angom

If you are searching for a hospital bag checklist and found this article, then you definitely are going to have your baby for the first time. You are excited and scared at the same time to bring the little being into this world but of course, you want the delivery to be done successfully and safely. Just take a deep breath and believe everything’s going to be fine. 

Now, coming back to what you are looking for, let’s have you prepared for the hospital bag must-haves.

Documents- Your ID, birth plan, hospital paperwork, insurance, medical records are documents you may want to keep. Put the documents in a single file to avoid losing them.


What to pack for mom


Toiletries & personal items- Toothbrush, toothpaste, bathing essentials, hairbrush/comb, creams/lotions, lip balms, are the things you need. Just cross-check what are you missing.

Soothing products- You can pack breast soothing cream, vagina & tummy soothing products

Clothing- Get comfortable clothes and comfy footwear for your hospital stay. Nursing bras, panties that are large enough to fit maternity pads, heavy-duty maternity pads or adult diapers. You can also pack a nice going-home outfit.

Feeding essentials- You can include a feeding pillow, breast pump, burp cloths, nursing bra and pads.

Miscellaneous items- You can take your favourite pillow, a lightweight blanket, a journal, goodies for the staffs

What to pack for baby

Receiving blanket/Swaddles- Get receiving blanket or swaddles depending on the weather/season. Receiving blankets are thicker while swaddles are thinner and lighter materials that can prevent overheating.

Clothing- You may want to buy onesies and as you don’t know how big or small your baby will be, get two sizes- newborn size & 0-3 months. Include hats, socks and mittens. Don’t forget the special going-home outfit too.

Diapering- Some hospitals provide diapers and wipes but you never know so get some. As newborn baby skin is sensitive, use mild wipes or just cotton pads. Also, get a changing mat to keep it hygienic.

Feeding bottles- If you plan to bottle feed from the start, pack at least two feeding bottles. Get your preferred formula brand or as advised by your doctor.

Baby personal care- You can include a cleanser, shampoo, baby lotion, diaper cream, powder, hairbrush & nail clippers.

What to pack for your partner 

ATM/Credit card- Apart from keeping your ATM/Credit card, keep some cash or small change in hand.

Toiletries & personal items- Toothbrush, creams, deodorants, face towel or even bath essentials depending on your stay time.

Clothing- Pack extra clothes depending on the stay time especially pyjamas, undergarments and comfy footwear.

Entertainment/Food- You can pack dry fruits, nuts, energy bars for snacking. As for entertainment, get books, tablets, song playlists sorted and don’t forget chargers for gadgets/phones. 

I bet all the hospital bag must-haves are covered and now you can start your packing. Make sure you follow Covid 19 protocols like wearing masks, sanitizing or washing hands, social distancing etc. or as instructed by your doctor.

We wish you a successful birthing and remember, everything’s going to be okay.