How to take care of newborns in cold weather & from changing weather

How to take care of newborns in cold weather & from changing weather

Rinda Angom

While it’s a challenge to keep your baby cosy and warm during cold weather, your baby can be quite sensitive to changing weather or weather transitions too. Newborn babies cannot regulate their body temperature which makes them vulnerable to cold, cough and flu. It is also important to keep your baby’s immunity strong to fight against various infections. Here are a few tips you can follow to take care of your baby and protect them from the effects of cold & changing weather

Dress accordingly- The first thing you can think of protecting your baby from cold weather and changing weather is to dress them according to the temperature. Babies can’t regulate their own temperature so they can feel hot or cold very easily. While you layer up your baby with warm clothes during cold weather, make sure they are not overheated. Overheating your baby can lead to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Also, make sure your baby is fully covered to avoid exposure to sudden changes in weather too. Even though the weather is getting warmer, don’t take off the layers completely.


Humidifier- Newborns are susceptible to congestion and cold weather or changing weather can make it worse for them. A humidifier may help your baby breathe better by adding moisture in the air that can help in loosening up the mucus build-up inside the nostril.

Moisturize- Cold weather & in between the changing weather before summer can leave your baby’s skin dry & irritated. Always use mild body washes and moisturizers to keep away dryness. Avoid fabrics that can cause rashes to their skin as well.


Breastfeed- Breastmilk contains all the necessary nutrients for your baby and are easily digestible. It also contains antibodies called immunoglobulins that can protect your baby from getting many infections. There’s also evidence of how antibodies of Covid-19 vaccinated mothers can be passed along to their babies through breastfeeding.


Immunisation- A great immunity is what everyone is seeking at the moment and the same thing applies to babies as well. Proper immunisation is a must to protect them from harmful infections. Viral and bacterial infections can be contracted easily when your child is not vaccinated and exposed so, make sure your baby gets all the required vaccinations against them.

Follow good hygiene- No matter what the season, it is important to follow good hygiene to contain germs. Keep the surroundings & surfaces disinfected, make sure your baby is clean as well as their clothes & bedding. Your hands should be sanitized or cleaned before holding your baby. In case of having a cold or flu, you should wear a mask when you are around your baby. Always cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue and throw it in the bin right away. Keep your baby away from sick children and adults.

You must watch over and pay close attention to how your baby behaves. If your baby is behaving uncomfortable or sick and you don’t know how to deal with it, consult your paediatrician immediately.