Pregnancy Photoshoot – Capture Your Pregnancy in Pictures

Pregnancy Photoshoot – Capture Your Pregnancy in Pictures

 Surbhi Dhuper

Pregnancy photoshoot is a lovely way to capture the time when you and your baby are one. Well, almost literally! Whether you have a comfortable pregnancy or a tough one, you will always remember this time fondly several years down the lane. A pregnancy photoshoot could be your way to capture these moments forever.

There are multiple reasons why you should think of a pregnancy shoot. Firslty, your body is going through significant changes at this point, and the pregnancy photoshoot will be a sweet reminder of this time. Secondly, you can use these pictures to announce your pregnancy on social media, in the most beautiful way. Lastly, you can also add these pictures in your baby’s photo album. 

Here is a roundup of some tips and ideas that can make your pregnancy photoshoot a worthwhile one. 

  • Use Photo Props

The ideal time for the pregnancy photo shoot is the seventh or the eighth month. However, some mothers may not be in a physical condition to go ahead with the shoot. At such times, you can use interesting props to share the news of your pregnancy with your friends and family. Photo props are also a good option if you are not comfortable sharing your bump with the world. We all have our beliefs, and an expecting mother should only do what she finds comfortable.

For the props, you can choose cute onesies, booties, or even your baby’s ultrasound image. Other options are balloons, buntings or a chalkboard. You can also put your creative hat on and think of more quirky ideas for the shoot.

  • Include the family

Your family is perhaps on cloud nine with your pregnancy. While your husband is beaming with joy, your elder child must be eagerly awaiting the arrival of a sibling. Including them in your photoshoot will make it more fun and also allow you to capture your family’s spirit.

If you have pets, do not forget them either. After all, they are integral members of your family and will play a crucial role in the life of your little one.

  • Capture your journey

An interesting way to journal those nine months is to take pictures of your bump in the same position every month. When the baby is born, you can take another one in the same pose, while holding your baby in your hands. There are several apps that you can use to create beautiful collages with these images. And the best part is that you can do it yourself.

Similarly, you can capture the size of your growing belly throughout your pregnancy. You can write the size of your tummy in inches on a chalkboard or hold an object that signifies the size of your sweet pea growing inside your womb.

  •  Paint your belly

If you are comfortable with the idea, you can work with a professional to paint your belly with something meaningful. The artist can try and put your imagination into colours with beautiful artwork. Or else, you can also have the elder child doodle on your tummy with everything he/she wishes for the younger sibling.

  • Flowing garments 

For this one, you will have to find the right flowy gown. It should be flattering to your body and also emphasise your belly. As you discuss this idea with your photographer, ask for an arrangement for the gentle wind to blow the dress for an aesthetic image.

  • Walking through a park

Pregnancy photoshoots amidst nature are a great idea. With a green landscape as your backdrop, your images will be nothing less than drop-dead gorgeous. You can take candid pictures as you walk with your husband and indulge in some real banter. 

  • Wear comfortable clothes

As you prep for your shoot day, make some arrangements in advance. In all probability, your photographer will organise the shoot in the magic hour. It is the time around the break of the dawn or just before sunset. Plan what you will wear as per the temperature to maintain your comfort. Think about at least two looks for you and your family to make the most of your shoot day. Pack all the props and accessories so that you don’t forget them at the last moment.

  • Hire a professional photographer

When you are investing in a professional photoshoot, it makes sense to hire someone who knows the ropes. A photographer who is aware of the nuances will be able to deliver beautiful pictures that will serve as your fond memories for this lifetime. Manish and Andra are a photographer duo who are known for doing justice to their work. You can take a look at the Instagram page to know more.


When you are planning your photoshoot, do what seems the most comfortable for you. Discuss your ideas with your husband and the photographer to capture these moments in the most wonderful way.

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