Baby it's YOU! Tips to bond with your Newborn Baby

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Baby it's YOU! Tips to bond with your Newborn Baby

Babies! Aren’t they THE BEST? (Rhetoric much, yes!) 

The sweet, little hands, the cute cuddly legs, and the big curious eyes... These little humans are the best company one could get. Such is their vibe that they become the love of your life the moment they enter the world by escaping you. Certainly, they steal our hearts in the most efficient way possible.

Crazy yet, it isn’t the easiest to make these cuddlies our friends. You may not exactly understand the emotions or the wants of your baby at first. And it is completely natural. We all have days, besides, having a baby can get overwhelming, especially when it’s your first! This Valentine’s Day, we wish to make it all special between you, your partner, and your new baby ‘cause that’s all that matters, right? Therefore, we have a few tips for you that shall help you to bond with your baby bae, the little bear.

Gift your newborn your time and presence

Present is a present, they say! 

Perfectly pure soul, newborn babies don’t find any joy in materialistic things. They neither care about the food, nor about clothes; they do not want any money, nor do they expect you to give them some toy. Although you may get some pacifiers for them, these things aren’t really what babies yearn for. They only, and I repeat only, want your time and presence. 

For the first couple of weeks, you would naturally not want to separate from them. But that is not enough. While your baby will start recognizing your touch within days of staying with you in the beginning, they might take weeks to actually start recognizing your face. 

Touch and Cuddle more

Touch is a language babies understand. They respond very well to it. When you stay in physical proximity with them, they grow closer to you emotionally. Touching and cuddling is as important between you and your baby as it is between you and your partner. Humans feed off the energy of touch - we feel home upon being touched (the right way, though), and we start responding to it the day we’re born. 

Pay attention when and why your newborn baby cries

Mostly, newborn babies cry due to colic, or being sleepy, wet or hungry. Sometimes, your baby could also be just moody or discomforted. The worst that happens is the loud cry of the baby when we’re in dire need to sleep, but the baby won’t stop. While you may feel burdened and lost, it isn’t the best time to throw tantrums or ignore the baby. You must loosen yourself and go to the baby and hold them with utmost warmth. At first, you may not understand or know what to do, but with time, you will know how the baby can be pacified. It isn’t easy, but also not very difficult. You’ll be a master handler of your baby in no time. And then, when they grow bigger and cuter, you will know that this is the child you’ve birthed and put up with through some sleepless, restless days. It will all be worth it. Super worthy. 

Hum and sing your baby to sleep

Babies are amazing. Complicated, grumpy little beings, yet so simple and proper. You don’t need to run extra miles to make them happy, just sing to them while you’re rocking them to sleep. While bedtime is a great bonding time as you don’t have to focus on anything yet to be done, singing can add up to it. It can both uplift your mood and calm your nerves to help you sleep better. 

Talk that talk

Talking about company, babies make the best listeners. Primarily because they’re still developing the trait but also because they are always so curious! Understanding the language of love and touch, babies can also grasp a lot of what you say. They’ve listened to your voice all through the pregnancy, wouldn’t they be more interested in hearing you now? Talking to babies helps you bond with them, while also training them to start talking. How else would they speak the big words they’re about to utter?

Bond with your newborn baby over a bottle (or breast) of milk

We all have jobs and stuff but ain't nothing more important than a baby waiting to be fed! Babies until six months of age do not expect you to cook for them. But they do need milk to survive and grow more cuddly. Breastfeeding is a most natural way for mothers to bond with their newborns. However, if you have to feed milk from a bottle, don’t skip doing it. Infants are playful when they feed. They play with their hands and try interacting with you. 

Take a little time away for yourself

We at Rabitat believe that a happy mother = a happy child. As we know, having a baby can be overwhelming. Added to it is the sleep deprivation that accompanies and also the social or professional life that you have to take away from. As a result, you can feel sad and depressed (we know that postpartum depression is a thing), which will directly translate into you neglecting your child. Therefore, taking away time for yourself and your partner is also a part of taking care of your newborn. It adds to the bonding. You get to miss them only to hug them tighter and love them harder. You urge more to bond with them and your baby learns stay be without you.


Having a baby is a rollercoaster ride. You have to face the highs and the lows to understand the real meaning of parenthood. The many journeys and experiences that you go through as a mother or a father make you realize who you really are. Additionally, you realize that it’s your family that is the most important. Happily and satisfactorily, you spend the rest of your life caring for them and loving them and the traditions follow through with your later generations. As funny and strange as the cycle of life is, that babies themselves are closest we can get to god is true. This Valentine’s, ensure that you bond with your newborn well and still get to take out time for yourself and your valentino too.

Happy Parenthood and a Happier Valentine’s to you!

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