Winter Bundle

5 tips for winter babies

If your bundle of joy is due this winter, we’ve put together some top tips for making sure you’re prepared – including essential advice for keeping your baby warm, cosy, healthy and happy! Layers to love Winter dressing is all about layers, along with clothes hats, socks and booties are also essential, and remember to check your baby’s body temperature periodically. If they’re sweaty or red-faced you might need to strip off a layer and let them cool off a little.

Winter Care

Winter babies can be prone to the coughs and sniffles that circulate this time of year. Stock your toiletry kit with hand sanitiser and wash hands regularly to keep germs away. Have a good quality baby moisturiser and nappy barrier cream on hand to keep skin healthy in the dry winter air.

Keep Them Close

Babies love close contact, and a baby carrier is a great way to keep bub snuggly, warm and close to your body. Cuddle and snuggle!

Bath Rituals

Keep bathtime fun and cozy, and have some large hooded towels on hand so you can dry baby quickly and keep their head warm as soon as they’re out of the water.

Show yourself some love!

You might face some challenges while breastfeeding in cooler weather. Invest in some layered nursing tops with easy-access clothes so you’re cozy and comfortable too.