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    The term "bamboo fabric" widely refers to many different textiles that are made from the bamboo plant.

    Bamboo makes a wonderful clothing material. Due to its hollow fibre, it has unusual breathing capabilities. The fibre is filled with micro gaps and micro holes, which allow for better moisture absorption and ventilation than other fibres.

    A blanket wrapped snuggly around your baby's body and can resemble a mother's womb and help soothe your newborn baby. The American Academy of Pediatrics (A when done ys that when done correctly, swaddling can be an effective technique to help calm infants and promote sleep.

    Swaddling protects your baby against their natural startle reflex, which means better sleep for both of you. It helps your baby sleep longer and better. It helps prevent SIDS by keeping unnecessary items like pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals out of your baby's crib. It keeps your baby on his back while he sleeps.

    Swaddling is safe for newborns when they can’t roll. ​Parents should stop swaddling as soon as their baby shows any signs of trying to roll over.