COVID-19: Safely Delivering Baby Products Pan India

While our dedicated associates and staff are making all efforts to provide the products and services our customers need at this time, delivery of these orders will be longer than usual and could take 7-10 days. In case a pin code lies in a Red zone, delivery of non-essential items in these areas may get delayed. COD available.

Remember the fairytales we used to read as children? With utmost nostalgia, we read just the enhanced versions of the same to our children. The times change, the situations change, but one thing remains constant - that there’s evil that captures the world, and then comes the hero that saves it. Whether or not you believe it, it’s enthralling that during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we’re actually at the stage where evil is taking over the world. And the hero, we’re optimistic, shall soon turn up and save us from the wrath of the tiny invisible enemy of ours!

The present times are difficult but we’re all parents. We must take our swords and shields and do what we must - keep our children and ourselves safe. Have faith, we are on the same boat. We don’t want our junior buddies to get affected by this little situation of ours. There’s chances that they won’t even remember going through it. Toddlers, they might remember, yes; but babies… not unless they’re gifted! We also want to ensure that the to-be and new moms and dads don’t remember the COVID-19 lockdown for more than one bad reason. So we know one thing for sure: essentials must be delivered very safely.

Parents are struggling real hard to find everything from feeding bottles and silicone spoons to feed solids to their babies to high quality swaddles, crib sheets, and feeding pillows. Infants and toddlers needing multiple of these things is kind of inevitable. But settling for anything isn’t an option, right?

Being a leading baby products brand, safety, comfort, and quality are on the top of Rabitat’s priority list. We have always been mindful of little details (#LittleThingsMatter) that go into developing products for babies, toddlers, and maternity. Additionally, in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, we have taken it upon ourselves to take care of safe, contactless delivery of baby product essentials that you need right at your doorstep. You need not worry about stringent sanitary practices in place in addition to super safe and sound deliveries.

We are now delivering top quality baby products across the country, ensuring uncompromising safety measures and state of the art packaging. We’re using PPE kits to ensure the risk-free doorstep shipment of what your baby needs.

On a closing note, we hope that the world soon finds a mighty warrior that can help us win this battle. Until then, let’s stay optimistic and keep our babies busy and happy and ourselves immune! By the way, happiness builds immunity too.

Happy Parenting!