30 Awesome Gifting Ideas For A Baby Shower

30 Awesome Gifting Ideas For A Baby Shower

 Rinda Angom

Looking for gifting ideas for a baby shower celebration? You have arrived at the right place. Well, a lot of people think of newborn essentials for baby shower gifting and forget about the mom to be. The mommy-to-be also deserves some for herself as she is the one who is bearing the struggle of carrying the baby. We have prepared a list that has gifts for both the baby and the mom. So scroll on for 30 Awesome Gifting Ideas for a baby shower. 


Perfect Nursery Essentials

  1. Crib Sheets- Parents can’t have enough of the crib sheets when their baby is still bed-wetting. Look for fun printed crib sheets for gifting which can add more fun to the nursery.
  2. Quilt- Get a quilt that has awesome quality and safety design like a scoop cut around the neck to avoid suffocation.
  3. Sleeping bag- It’s the best thing to wear during sleep without having to worry about kicking off the quilt or the danger of covering the face.
  4. Techie Monitor- Parents are always concerned with their baby. It will be a good idea to gift them a monitor so that they can keep a watch on their baby. 
  5. Cot Mobiles/ Play Gym- Cot mobiles are another great gift for newborns as it helps stimulate the baby’s audio and visual senses. The colourful characters’ movements keep the baby engaging and are a visual treat.

Fun Bath Time

  1. Baby bathing and skincare - Get organic baby-friendly bathing or skincare products. A baby’s skin is very sensitive and therefore needs the mildest possible products
  2. Baby Towel- Get towels made from organic cotton and ensure they are super absorbent. 
  3. Baby Bath Tub- A bathtub that will make the baby bathing easier. A bathtub with a mesh one keeps the little one well supported in the water while also allowing the water to easily drain through.

Basic Dress Up

  1. Baby Onesies- The baby will be sleeping most of the time, so onesies are a great gift. Choose a breathable fabric with fun prints. 
  2. Baby Mittens & Booties- A baby mittens will not only protect her from cold but also from scratching herself. You can gift it along with a cute pair of booties.
  3. Swaddle- It’s the perfect clothing for the initial weeks. The baby is safer with a swaddle without having to move around her limbs too much and easier to change nappy. Oh, some swaddles can be used as a nursing cover too.


  1. Baby Feeding Bottle- Silicone feeding bottles are the best. But always buy one that is anti-colic, food-grade quality and is free of toxins.
  2. Water Bottle Warmer- A bottle warmer can be handy for quick warming up of the bottle with milk without having to pour out and warm separately.
  3. Feeding Pillow- It will give a better ergonomic position while feeding the baby. Some are versatile enough to use as the baby grows, like support while sitting or tummy time.
  4. Thermos Bottle- It can be used to store hot water for mixing up baby formulas.


  1. Diaper Bag- Get a nice diaper bag that is spacious enough to hold more baby essentials. You can even opt for tote bags that won’t be obvious as a diaper bag.
  2. Diapers- You can never go wrong with gifting diapers as they are a priority among the newborn essentials. You can always buy in bulk and gift the parents. You can also get those cloth nappies that are reusable.

Chill Time

  1. Baby Lounger- Other than the cot, the baby can chill on a comfortable lounger. Just make sure you buy the perfect softness in order to avoid SIDS.
  2. Baby Rocker- A baby rocker is a smart gifting idea. It can rock and entertain the baby while the parents do their household chores.

On The Go

  1. Baby Carrier- Buy a baby carrier that has good support for the baby’s neck. It should have good padding so as to make the baby feel more comfortable. 
  2. Stroller- A stroller is a must-have. The parents will be thankful as it will make their lives easier for carrying the baby outdoors.

Photo Shoot Props

  1. Calendar Mat- A calendar mat is a nice gift where the parents can count each month and capture memories before the one-year-old celebration.
  2. Baby Costume- Get a cute newborn costume or maybe try knitting one if you know how to. Your friend will be thankful for the picture-perfect adorable costume.

Just For The Mom-To-Be

  1. Parenting Books- Your friend might need some guidance for bringing up her child and parenting books can be of some help.
  2. Spa Coupon- Gift her a Spa Coupon that can help her relax. She can opt for safe pregnancy massages or just limit herself to facial massages, massages for neck and shoulder, acupuncture that helps with morning sickness, migraines, and back pain.
  3. Soothing Essential Oils- Some essential oils may provide therapeutic benefits that can reduce common pregnancy ailments as well as calm anxiety. A set of essential oils sounds like a great gift as it will help minimise nausea and stomach upset, improves sleep, reduce irritation and swelling etc. Make sure to get safe oils like lavender, rose oil, peppermint oil, chamomile oil etc. But always remind her to dilute it with carrier oils like coconut oil or sweet almond oil for safer use.
  4. Pregnancy Pillow- Get her a comforting pregnancy pillow and she will love it. It will support her back while sitting and her bump during sleep.
  5. Belly Support Band- To carry the baby weight in her belly the whole time makes it tiring and painful.  Wearing a belly band during pregnancy may help support your lower back and baby bump during activities, which can result in decreased pain overall.
  6. Maternity Clothing- She most obviously won’t fit in most of her existing clothes. She needs comfortable clothing, maternity clothes. You can get some basic and pretty ones both.
  7. Cake- A celebration is incomplete without a cake. Get a baby theme cake saying,’ Hello Baby’ or decorate with tiny clothes, shoes etc.