Back to school supplies checklist for your child

Back to school supplies checklist for your child

Rinda Angom

Schools are opening soon and it’s already time to prep up for back-to-school. Your kids are excited while you are nervous. We feel you, it’s not that easy letting your kids out without you after a long tough time. Not just that, you are also super stressed out thinking about what to prepare and what not to, especially with safety concerns in mind. Just take a deep breath and relax, we are going to ease your stress or at least reduce it to some extent. So, we got the list ready for you to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the essentials, and yes with the safety concerns.



  1. Pencil- Your toddler will need a pencil or two. Just make sure the nibs aren’t too pointed or your child may poke herself.
  2. Colour pencils- Your toddler will most likely spend more time colouring. It’s always every kid’s favourite thing to do. Ensure to buy different colours as they are also learning the names of the colour too. 
  3. Crayons- Crayons could be a preferable choice for preschoolers but also depends on school to school.
  4. Eraser- Life’s mistakes can’t be erased with an eraser but your child can still erase the mistakes they make on their notebook. Yes, your child needs an eraser.
  5. Sharpener- Your toddler should use a sharpener under the supervision of a teacher. 
  6. Wide ruled notebook- One or two wide-ruled notebooks if your toddler is learning to write letters or numbers.
  7. Colouring book- Your toddler may also need a colouring book but it may also depend on the school curriculum. 

  1. Schoolbag- You can’t imagine your toddler going to school without a backpack as it has to carry all the other essential supplies. And it’s even more exciting for the kids if they get to carry a cute school bag. Check out for kid’s school bag online for toddlers. Check out bags that are colourful with fun characters, they are absolute favourites among kids. 
  2. Pencil box/pouch- A pencil box to keep all the writing and drawing essentials intact without being scattered. 

  1. Lunch bag- A lunch bag is optional as most lunch boxes already have carry-handles.
  2. Insulated lunch box- Choose an insulated lunch box or kids food thermos as they keep the food hot for longer hours. Opt for the ones that are BPA free, non-toxic etc. 
  3. Insulated water bottle- Insulated water bottles or kids thermos is best for the kids as it will maintain the preferred temperature of the water or drinks. Always look for cute and colourful bottles to make your toddlers excited to keep themselves hydrated. Make sure the bottles have spouts or straws for the toddlers to sip easily. Ensure the bottles are spilt-free too.
  4. Hand wipes- Wipes to clean their hands and mouth area.

  1. Mask- Mask should be a compulsion but also should be warned to inform their teacher in case the child feels suffocated. The mask should be preferably cotton-made or be of breathable material.
  2. Hand sanitiser- Your toddler should be trained regarding sanitiser, how to use it, and that it’s only for external use and strictly not for consumption.



The list of supplies for the elementary grade would also be pretty much the same as preschoolers. Since they are higher in grade, there could be extras that are craft related. We have listed a few but it mostly depends on the curriculum of the school.


  1. Notebooks
  2. Pencils
  3. Colour pencils
  4. Pencil sharpener
  5. Eraser
  6. Ruler
  1. Glue sticks
  2. Chart papers
  3. Safety scissors
  1. Schoolbag
  2. Pencil box/pouch
  1. Lunch bag
  2. Insulated lunch box-
  3. Insulated water bottle
  4. Hand wipes
  1. Mask
  2. Hand sanitiser

There you go, you have the list for school essentials/supplies, you can start your kids’ back-to-school shopping right away. Have a safe back-to-school!