Baby Moon

Baby Moon

 Rinda Angom


If your bundle of joy is due this winter, we’ve put together some top tips for making sure you’re prepared – including essential advice for keeping your baby warm, cosy, healthy and happy!

PRE-ARRIVAL DEPARTURE Top destinations for a babymoon Planning a getaway to switch off and enjoy each other’s company before life shifts up a gear is a great idea. So get planning and whisk yourselves away to one these romantic destinations. Consult your gynecologist before you plan the trip, you should also ensure you take your medical notes, check that your travel insurance covers you for pregnancy-related issues and, if you are going abroad, research the nearest medical facilities and hospitals – you’re unlikely to need them, but for your own peace of mind it's good to know where they are and which are considered the best.


Looking to top up your Vitamin D levels before baby arrives? A beach holiday provides for the perfect opportunity to binge on delicious seafood and gorge on luscious tropical fruits. The beach will help calm you and your pregnancy hormones.

Queen of Hills

Ask any parent what they crave most, and they'll probably reply with some peace and quiet! So before you have your baby, why not head to a tranquil hill-station where you can tune into nature and switch off from your busy life? So pack your favourite book and leave for scenic views.

City Seekers

A babymoon is the time to tick off lots of things that, as the parents of a newborn, you soon won’t be able to do – and a big City has it all! From fancy restaurants to shopping malls this break can be the perfect time to shop for the baby together. Make sure you catch a blissfully romantic meal before you head back home.

Resort Restoration

Can’t take a long break or travel too far? For something closer to home, you can’t beat a few nights at an exotic resort near you. These Retreats have a lot to offer, wake up to lavish breakfast spreads and relax by the pool all day, enjoy the services and amenities that these properties offer.

Spa Sanctuary

Experts say that the stress hormone cortisol can cross the placenta so it’s a really good idea to avoid anxiety and stress – which, let’s face it, isn’t always easy in modern life! So heading to a spa, where you’re almost forced to switch off, can be just the ticket. Remember to avoid Jacuzzis and hot tubs, though, as elevated temperatures pose a risk when you’re pregnant. Whether you choose a country side hotel or a city spa, check out the available range of pregnancy treatments before you book.

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