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    DOs & DON'Ts Of Going Back To School

     Rinda Angom

    Delhi government announced the reopening of schools from November 1. We can say that it’s a sigh of relief for everyone, especially for the parents. It’s been almost 2 years since the schools were closed and got parents occupied keeping a check on their kids taking online classes at home. The kids get distracted if left unattended and so parents had to be present most of the time. The effectiveness of teaching is also reduced as they are not able to interact with their teachers the way it’s done physically. Even on a survey conducted by Rabitat, parents were not satisfied with online learning. Thank God, now the kids can go back to school and learn to socialise but with caution. Here are some DOs and DON’Ts of going back to school.


    Social Distancing/ Physical Distancing

    Kids should be taught to maintain physical distancing which means they should learn to allow enough space b/w each other to reduce the spread of disease. To encourage this, the school can take initiatives like spacing the desks out, using physical barriers and partitions. Use signs, ground markings, barriers to maintain distance around entrances. 

    Wearing mask

    Mask should be a priority next to maintaining physical distancing. Mask can be a means of protection when it’s hard to maintain social distancing.

    Keeping the hands clean

    The child should be educated about personal hygiene and keep their hands clean. Physically demonstrate how to wash hands and apply sanitizer. 

    Lunch on desk

    Ensure your child is having lunch distancing from other kids. The best is to have their lunch on their desks which are kept at a distance.

    Well ventilated class-room

    Keep the class-room well ventilated. Proper ventilation can help the concentration of airborne contaminants including viruses in the room.


    Avoid touching face and mask

    Teach the child to avoid touching face and mask with hands as the hands may be potentially contaminated with the virus.

    Don’t shake hands or hug

    Transmission of the virus can take place through the shaking of hands and hugging also. So, teach your kids not to shake hands or hug. They can greet each other from distance.

    Stay home if sick 

    Don’t send your kids to school while the child or someone in the house is not feeling well. Monitor their temperature often and keep checking any signs of being sick. 

    As the kids are going to be at school, teachers have a major role in monitoring most of the Dos and Don’ts. Therefore, teach your child about it but also make sure their teachers are also volunteering in making your child safe.

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