List of items you need to buy for your newborn

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List of items you need to buy for your newborn

A new life-changing journey begins as you welcome your little one into this world. You are as much excited as you are scared/intimidated by your delicate baby. You want all the safety and every possible care for the tiny being while getting all the essentials ready. Listing all the essential items for your newborn can be a daunting task but no worries, we are going to make your life easier. Here’s all you need to know.

First, let’s prepare you with Nursery Essentials: The basic things you need to keep in mind while setting up the Nursery are a place to sleep, storage for baby’s clothes & other items, and a place to change diapers. The following items are listed. 

  • Crib- You may want a sturdier crib or even a convertible one that can last when the baby becomes a toddler. 
  • Crib Mattress- You will need a firm mattress that fits the crib. Avoid buying a fluffy mattress as it may smother and suffocate the baby. You can get a baby lounger that will make him comfortable and keeps your baby at a gentle angle that helps avoid colic.
  • Baby Bassinet- For a constraint and smaller house, a bassinet would be a better option for being smaller and more portable while the crib takes more space. Some of them come with a hood which you can pull over when the baby is sleeping.
  • Crib Sheets & Water-proof Liners/Mattress Protector- Look out for light-weight and breathable crib sheets preferably cotton which is skin-friendly. Water-proof liners or mattress protectors will be useful for avoiding bedwetting.
  • Baby Quilts & Blankets- You can buy cotton blankets for hot weather and a warmer material for winter. Some all-weather-friendly cotton quilted baby blankets are also available. It’s best to opt for an organic blanket
  • Dresser (with or without Changing Pad)- Dresser will be of great help for organising your baby’s clothes or even toys. They can come with changing pad where you don’t have to buy an extra changing table
  • Diaper Changing Table- Changing diapers can be easier when your baby is placed on a flat surface with adequate height. A diaper changing table or a dresser with a changing pad is all you need.
  • Rocking Chair or Glider- You will be spending more time feeding your baby, get a good glider or a rocker that will comfort you while feeding your baby. It will be helpful for you to take a good nap as well.
  • Baby Monitor- It will be easier for you to keep an eye on your baby with the help of a monitor and can avoid walking up to the crib every time. Ensure it is rechargeable and has a long-life battery.
  • White Noise Machine- Relaxing music always helps to soothe and make your baby fall asleep fast.
  • Night Light- In the middle of the night, you might have to check on your baby or feed her. The night light will help you see without turning on the bright lights that can disturb your baby’s sleep.
  • Humidifier- To avoid overly dry air, a humidifier is a must for your nursery. It will comfort your baby when she has a cough and cold or can even help avoid drying out her skin.


Clothing Essentials

No matter what clothing you buy make sure the material is baby skin-friendly, preferably organic or 100% cotton as other materials may irritate your baby’s skin. Look out for clothing that suits the seasons accordingly. 

  • Swaddle Blankets-For the initial weeks, swaddling your baby with a swaddle blanket or a special blanket would be more ideal for an easier process of changing. 
  • Sleepers & sleeping sacks- Sleepers and sleeping sacks will ensure your baby’s legs are covered during sleep.
  • Tops & Onesies- Make sure to buy both long sleeves and short sleeves. Tops can be useful for layering as undershirts in winter.
  • Socks or booties- Buy lots of socks and a few pairs of booties to keep her feet warm.
  • Mittens- Get some baby mittens to avoid your baby from scratching herself.
  • Woolen/Knitted cap or hat- Keep her head warm with a knitted cap or hat.
  • A sun hat- When you take her out on a sunny day, a sun hat will protect her from harsh sun rays.
  • Jacket & Sweater- Keep some jackets and sweaters ready for cold weather.
  • Mild Soap for laundry- Always wash your baby’s clothes with a mild soap that will keep the fabric soft. Harsh soap can make the clothes rough and its strong scent can irritate your baby.


Feeding Essentials

A newborn needs to be fed quite often and you might need some essentials that will give a good feeding experience. The essentials have been listed keeping in mind for both natural breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

  • Nursing Clothes- If you choose to breastfeed, you will need a loose-fitting top or tops with buttons, nursing bras, nursing pads for bras, and a nursing cover. You will need burp cloths to protect your clothes when your baby spits up.
  • Newborn Feeding Pillow- Using a feeding pillow will be comforting for both your baby and you while feeding. 
  • Breast Pump- Breast pumps are available in both manual and electric or battery-operated ones. It will help to extract milk whenever required.
  • Nipple Cream- It will soothe your tender or sore nipple caused due to breastfeeding. Make sure the ingredients used for making it are safe for the baby.
  • Feeding Bottle- You will need one or two feeding bottles even if you choose to breastfeed. There are varieties of feeding bottles available. Silicone-made bottles are more preferable, being durable, and easier to clean. You can buy squeezy silicone feeding bottles that almost mimic the natural way of breastfeeding. Also, buy feeding bottles with detachable nipples in case you need to change the sizes.  Bottle nipples for breastfed babies are also available separately.
  • Feeding Formula- Feeding formula or infant formula is a life saviour for those who choose to bottle feed. It is mainly available in powdered form and is formulated including protein, fats, and other necessary nutrients close to natural breast milk.
  • Thermos Flask- Thermos will be required to store hot water which will be used for mixing the infant formula. You can even use a baby steel water bottle for the same.
  • Bottle Cleaning Brush- It’s important to clean the feeding bottle thoroughly before every use. A cleaning brush will be handy for proper cleaning.

Diapering Essentials: 

Diapering needs to be handled most hygienically. The following might help you to manage it well.

  • Disposable & Reusable Diapers- You can either use disposable or cloth diapers or both. The latter would be more suitable for sensitive skin however you might have to change as soon as it gets soggy and do a lot of washing. There are also other reusable options, nappies with a biodegradable lining that can be removed and flushed down. Disposable diapers can be more convenient and handy during travel or outdoor visits.
  • Baby Wipes- Use baby wipes to clean your baby’s bottom, it will moisturise and remove the odour. Ensure to buy mild, skin-friendly wipes to avoid skin irritation.
  • Rash Cream- Diapers may cause rashes on your baby’s skin. A good and effective rash cream will soothe the skin
  • Changing Mat- Changing mats are useful for keeping the bed or changing-table clean. Some can be cleaned by wiping off and some come with a removable cover that is washable.
  • Dustbin and Garbage bags- Place a dustbin nearby the changing-table to put away all the dirty diapers and keep the room clean and hygienic.


Baby Bathing & Wellness Essentials:

 In the initial phase, your baby will just need to be wiped with a soaked cotton cloth before she starts using other baby skin products. She may just need three baths in a week. You may also need other grooming essentials for keeping your baby in the best of health.

  • Infant Bathing Tub- Buy a bathtub according to the size of your baby. There are also convertible ones that can be adjusted as the baby grows.
  • Hooded Baby Towels- Buy a softer towel for babies as their skin is very delicate. Hooded towels will help wrap your baby from head to toe.
  • Baby Body Wash & Shampoo- Always use a mild body wash & shampoo for babies to avoid skin irritation and eyes. 
  • Baby Cream- Apply baby cream to restore moisture after the bath.
  • Massage & Hair oil- Always use organic-based massage & hair oil for babies to avoid any sort of allergic reaction.
  • Baby brush- Buy a gentle soft brush to avoid scratches.
  • Baby Nail Clippers- Keep your baby’s nail short not only to keep it free from germs but also to avoid scratches. Special baby clippers or scissors with rounded shaped tips are available.
  • Digital Thermometer- It’s important to keep a thermometer to keep a check on your baby’s temperature.
  • Bulb Nasal Aspirator- When your baby gets a runny nose, it will help clear her nose and help her breathe easier.
  • Hand Sanitiser- It may not be possible to wash your hands every time while handling your baby, sanitiser can be a good option.


Baby Gear Essentials: 

You will need other baby gears which will be helpful when you leave your house or for outdoor visits

  • Baby Carrier- You will need to carry your baby sometimes especially during outdoor visits, a baby carrier will help you hold your baby, making you move around hands-free.
  • Baby Stroller- You can take your baby anywhere easily with the help of a stroller. Make sure it is a recliner one especially for the newborn’s head and back support. There are rain-proof hooded strollers too.
  • Infant Car Seat- If you are taking your baby in a car, get an infant seat for more safety.
  • Diaper Bag- Always keep a diaper bag ready whenever you go out. You can look for diaper bags that have compartments for keeping baby food and other essentials.
  • Play Mat- You can use a playmat for changing diapers or even make your baby lie down with baby loungers.


You can go a long way in making your baby comfortable, the list can go on and on. However, make a pick of the essentials that suit your requirements, nonetheless, your baby is always happy in your arms.

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