20 Perfect newborn baby gift ideas

20 Perfect newborn baby gift ideas

 Rinda Angom

Are you looking for newborn baby gifts? You sure have some ideas in your mind but you want it to be memorable (not the baby of course) for the parents or at least useful for them. The first thing you may want to do is think about the newborn essentials and categorise them into short-term use (for immediate use) or long-term use ( can be used as the baby grows). 

Secondly, you should take certain considerations regarding the products you buy. Buy products that are easy to wash, non-toxic, BPA-free, paraben-free, gifts that are not hazardous- heating gadgets, loud sound, or vibration. Buy clothing and accessories that will not hurt or poke the baby, you definitely don’t want the parents to remember you for a scar on their baby. 

Here is the checklist for 20 perfect newborn baby gifting ideas: 

  1. BABY CLOTHING: Clothes always come to our mind easily when we think about buying gifts. The tiny one will also need some. We also tend to gift the baby a size bigger so that she doesn’t outgrow the clothes too soon or make her wear them when she grows bigger. If you are buying an age-appropriate one for a newborn, get onesies or sleep pyjamas as she’s probably going to sleep most of the time. You may add baby mittens, bibs, booties, or cute socks along with it. Else, you can buy clothes according to age-wise.

  2. Swaddle Blanket: Swaddle blanket can be a very useful gift for any newborn especially, in the initial weeks. As the baby is delicate, you don’t want to twist or turn around her limbs too much. Wrapping the baby with a swaddle not only makes it an easier option as clothing but also will be easier for the nappy change. It can be multi-functional, use it as a burp cloth or feeding cover.

  3. Crib Sheets: Parents can’t have enough of the crib sheets when their baby is still bed-wetting. Look for fun printed crib sheets for gifting which can add more fun to the nursery.

  4. Baby Lounger: Some parents may miss out on buying a lounger. You can buy them one and make the baby feel a little more pampered and comfortable when she is awake.

  5. Baby Sleeping Bag: A baby sleeping bag is also perfect as a newborn gift. A sleeping bag will help a baby sleep cosy & comfortably. It also prevents the baby from rolling and keeps her intact. Her feet will remain covered too unlike a blanket that is often kicked off due to wiggling.

  6. Feeding Pillow: A feeding pillow can be a good option as a present. It provides comfort and great support to both the mother and baby. It acts multi-functional as the baby grows and develops. It can be used for a baby’s tummy time and supports when she sits. Every parent won’t mind having extra feeding pillows even if they already got one.

  7. Feeding Bottle: The feeding bottle is a must for every parent whether the mother is breastfeeding or feeding with the bottle. Maybe you can gift them the best quality one or something unique like the silicone squeezy bottle.

  8. Baby Quilt/Blanket: Possibilities are that the parents may have already gotten a quilt but possibilities are also that they didn’t get a good quality or design quilt. That’s when you make an entry with a soft, organic-based, baby-skin friendly, and fun print quilt. It’s always good when you are mindful of small details, it’s a way of conveying that you care.

  9. Baby hair & skin-care products: Well a baby needs to be washed clean and she will need a good soap, shampoo, hair oil, body oil, and a moisturizer. You can buy baby skin products that come in a combo pack and are just perfect for newborn gifting. Just keep in mind that the products are mildest of the mild ones or organic ones.

  10. Baby Towel: No parent will deny having a cute soft towel. You can buy towels that are hooded so that the baby can be wrapped from head to toe. Always choose a super soft and absorbent towel made with organic cotton.

  11. Baby Grooming Set: A baby grooming set is not a bad idea for newborn gifting. The set mostly contains a nail clipper, nail scissors, nail file, hairbrush, a toothbrush that is soft on the baby’s gum.

  12. Diapers: You can never go wrong with gifting diapers as they are a priority among the newborn essentials. You can always buy in bulk and gift the parents. You can also get those cloth nappies that are reusable.

  13. Diaper Bag:  A diaper bag is a must for every parent. Make sure you gift them one that is spacious and has more sections to accommodate more baby essentials for outdoor visits.

  14. Customised soft Toy or decor: You can personalise a cuddly little teddy bear with the baby’s name on it. You can get customised photo frames, wall stickers, cushions, rugs, etc. and the nursery lively.

  15. A Techie Monitor: Parents are always concerned with their baby. It will be a good idea to gift them a monitor so that they can keep a watch on their baby.

  16. White noise music: You can contribute to making the baby and the parents have a good sleep with a white noise music machine. The music will soothe/calm the baby and help her fall asleep faster hence giving the parents time for their own sleep.

  17. Cot Mobiles/ Play Gym: Cot mobiles are another great gift for newborns as it helps stimulate the baby’s audio and visual senses. The colourful characters’ movements keep the baby engaging and are a visual treat.

  18. Baby Carrier: Buy a baby carrier that has good support for the baby’s neck. It should have good padding so as to make the baby feel more comfortable.

  19. Baby rocker: A baby rocker is a smart gifting idea. It can rock and entertain the baby while the parents do their household chores.

  20. Baby Stroller: This is just perfect for outdoor visits or taking a walk. It is exhausting to carry the baby for a longer period of time and so a baby stroller is a great idea for gifting. 

You can also check out baby gift sets or combos as they look more wholesome and can even cost you less with their combo offers.