Maintaining hydration is essential for good health, with even mild dehydration causing fatigue, headaches, muscular cramps, and possibly blood pressure issues. Watermelon is primarily made up of water (92%) and can provide hydration to our bodies. It also aids weight loss due to its low-calorie density, which means that a large slice of watermelon contributes only a few calories. It contains carotenoids, including beta-carotene, which is turned into vitamin A and helps to maintain the health of our eyes and skin. It also contains lycopene, which is believed to help prevent cancers, promote heart and eye health, and lower the risks of type 2 diabetes. Lemons with vitamin c will boost the immune system and has other health benefits. With the summer temperature rising, this watermelon lemonade recipe by is all good to keep your munchkins stay hydrated.

  • Total Time7 Min

  • Cook time0 Min

  • Prep time7 Min

  • Serves2

  • Key Indredients

    2 cup seedless water melon 1/4 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice
    1 cup cold water Pinch of Salt
    Sugar as per taste

    For toppings

    Mint Leaves

    How To Make

    • Cut watermelon in small cubes and remove the seeds.
    • In a blender add all the ingredients and pulse until well pureed
    • Pour it through a strainer into glasses.
    • Taste and adjust the sweetness by adding sugar if required.
    • Add mint to decorate it.
    • Use ice to make it more chilled.

    Summer Hydrating Drinks For Kids