Milk has been consumed by children since birth, and some children have developed a dislike for it as they have grown older. Milk, on the other hand, is necessary for children's growth and development because it contains protein, which is the basic building block of the human body. Protein is required by the body to make and repair cells, as well as for overall growth and development. It also contains calcium, which is necessary for strong bones and teeth, therefore it should be a regular component of your child's diet. If your kids are running away from milk, try this Babyccino recipe by

  • Total Time5 Min

  • Cook time0 Min

  • Prep time5 Min

  • Serves2

  • Key Indredients

    1 cup milk of your choice

    For toppings

    Marshmallow Sprinkles
    Cinnamon Powder

    How To Make

    • In a cup pour 1/2 cup hot milk and keep it aside.
    • In another cup take 2-3 Tbsp Hot milk and froth it using an electric frother.
    • Add this froth to hot milk.
    • Add toppings to it. Dust some cinnamon powder.
    • Enjoy!

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